Using Webmail

How to use Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Webmail on our server is accessible from any Internet connection, and uses the same login as your office computers.  If you use Internet Explorer, you get a page that looks remarkably like Outlook, and you should find most things you need quite easily; using other browsers is also fine, but you get a simplified interface that looks like a typical old-fashioned webmail system (you can also select this in Internet Explorer if you prefer).

The URI to access webmail is:

Note the 's' in 'httpS' (though if you omit it the server will sort it out for you - it is also not necessary to type '/exchange' at the end as previously required).

The first thing you will see is a login page.  Type your Windows login name (it is not necessary to include the domain) and password.  If you are using Internet Explorer, you can optionally select the simpler version of the interface used by other browsers - this could be useful on slow computers or Internet links.  You can also select the timeout period for the login, to suit private or public computers.

The first time you start webmail, there may be a significant delay as the browser gets the OWA code - this delay will be much less on subsequent access using the same browser.

A limitation of this method of accessing your email is that it can only show you your own mailbox, without the addition of any others you may have linked to in Outlook.  However, you can connect to any other mailbox that you have permission for by using the URI:

where 'username' is the name of the mailbox (note that 'exchange' is required in this case); for personal mailboxes, this name is in the form that it appears in email addresses (e.g. 'paul.hodges'), not the abbreviated login form.

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