Linking Outlook to an Email Account


Outlook can be connected to a number of email accounts simultaneously.  These may be accounts on the OCTO server, on the university's Nexus server, or elsewhere.  This note gives instructions only for linking to accounts on the OCTO server.

You can only see the contents of accounts which you have been given permission to access.  These are your own (of course!), and those of the trials which you are working on.  If an account doesn't open after being linked to Outlook using these instructions, then check with the IT staff that you have the required permissions.

The instructions below are the preferred way of adding accounts.  There is a simpler way, but this has a couple of disadvantages (one of which is a bug that makes email appear to disappear) and it is preferred not to use it.

Procedure to link an Email Account

Before starting this procedure, it is necessary to close Outlook; this process cannot be completed while Outlook is running.

It is possible to add one or more email accounts into Outlook at this point; the instructions below must be followed for each account in turn:

When Outlook is next opened, there will be a longer than usual pause while it sets up the additional accounts.

Once the account is added, you can make the inbox appear in the group at the top (so that new messages are not hidden) by right-clicking on the Inbox and selecting Show in Favorites.

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