IT Notes

Using IT in OCTO

This is the start of a collection of pages describing various IT matters.  There will be links to things like the restrictions placed on us by the University's conditions of connection, and pages describing various useful procedures.  Links are given below, as the menu is disabled for these pages at present; to return to this page, use the browser's back button.

Instructions are generally given here in a rather terse text form.  I could add pictures; but, frankly, I think they just make the processes look more fearsome because the instructions become so much bigger - and they can vary somewhat between computers as well.

Accounts at IT Services (formerly OUCS)

Setting up accounts at IT Services

Office 2010 Security Settings

Changing Office 2010 Security Settings

Working with Email

Linking an Email Account into Outlook

Updating Clinpharm root certificate

Creating an Email Archive

Working with an Email Archive

Working out of the office

Creating a VPN

Linking to V and I drives through the VPN

Linking to the V drive without using the VPN

Using Webmail

Using Eduroam

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